DIAMANTES  MATARO S.L.L. (DIAMAT) was born as result of the disappearance of some companies who works with  Diamond wheels and Diamond C.B.N wheels in Mataro. In this city, there was the tradicion of stoning the diamond since 1940, later, in 1954 was created the first electrolitic laboratory and in 1957 began the diamond manufacture since today. In this period, there was a lot of companies and after different merges, a group of people with a wide industry experience decided to continue with this industry activity in the city.

DIAMANTES MATARO S.L.L. (DIAMAT) is a company committed to the manufacture of Diamond wheels and Diamond C.B.N wheels for the industry. Specially in the furniture field, mechanic metal, plane glass and optics area. Furthemore, Diamat realises conglomerate, single point diamond dressers, diamond paste and other products.
Diamat has a technical department where can repair the wheels and single point, so that, they can give a full servirce to the customer.

Nowadays, DIAMANTES MATARO S.L.L. is a consolidated company in difficult
market with a strong competition and new emerging economies.
Diamat have a close relation with their customers and can resolve any problem inmediatly.

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